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X Link is our newest generation of field proven STL systems. This microprocessor controlled system is frequency agile with improved sensitivity and better selectivity.

The front panel LCD display provides easy control and monitoring of system parameters plus the XLink is remote control ready.

XLink have received worldwide acceptance as some of the best in the industry. Virtually instant frequency changes make the XLink the perfect main and back-up STL system.

XLink features include 3 SCA, 1 MUX and 1 Mono input. Complete metering and monitoring of all system parameters for both the transmitter and receiver is available for remote control connection.

When your station is ready to upgrade to a Digital STL Armstrong allows you to do this in a simple step.

Our building block approach allows you to begin with an analog STL system and then add either a 2 or 4 channel Digital Encoder and Decoder. This approach minimizes your initial capital expenditure for an STL allowing you to invest in digital when your station is ready.

 Zero to twelve watts output power, front panel adjustable
Externally programmable in 25 Khz steps
3 SCA inputs
RF monitoring BNC in the transmitter's front panel
IF monitoring in the receiver's front panel
All functions via LCD password protected
Meets or exceeds all FCC and CCIR requirements
Remote control software for monitoring (optional)

STL IP Audio Without Compromise...

Tieline's Genie STL is the World's most powerful DSP-based IP audio codec for mission critical point-to-point connections and studio-to-transmitter links.

Designed for the latest digital IP broadcast networks, Genie STL is the most feature-packed STL-grade IP audio codec with multiple levels of power, audio and network redundancy.

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