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Remote Broadcasting...It used to mean calling the phone company to order a broadcast loop and setting up a mixer with amplifier with cables strung accross the floor or parking lot.
Today, Remote Broadcasting can be much more simple.
Today your basic choices are:

1. 450 MHz Licensed Radio Link - Marti, but it requires an FCC License.
2. The Internet - Now The Best Remote With "SignalCaster"
3. A Cell Phone - Most Affordable.
1937 CBS News Remote Broadcast - Photo Appears To Be Public Domain
0 - 30 Watts adjustable power

450 MHz Band with High-efficiency MOS-FET technology

Easy-to-use control interface

                  Professional, one-touch
                                          remote broadcast software.

 How SignalCaster Remote Broadcast Software Works
Whether you're an old hand at doing remote broadcasts, or it's the very first time, you'll love the quality and the simplicity offered by SignalCaster. Here's what you get:

SignalCaster Tower

The SignalCaster Tower Windows app is installed at the receiving end. It receives and plays your remote broadcast. After some brief, one-time setup instructions, just click the big Start button to enter standby mode, and you're ready to hit the road!

SignalCaster Mobile

SignalCaster Mobile runs on your iPad. You will download it from the app store and update one setting, one time. Then, tap the big Start button, and SignalCaster Mobile will start transmitting. Back at "headquarters," the SignalCaster Tower app will show "Connected," and that's it. You're broadcasting!

We're Noble about Mobile

Your license lets you install the SignalCaster Tower "receiver" on a single computer, but we don't limit you to just one "transmitter." You can install and use SignalCaster Mobile on as many iPads as you like. Any staff members who need to do remote broadcasts can download SignalCaster Mobile from the Apple App Store, right onto their iPads. That simply, they'll all be able to send broadcasts to SignalCaster Tower, back at "headquarters."
The Instreamer encodes analog audio sources in real time in a configurable format (MP3, PCM, G.711,G.722) and streams via TCP, UDP, Shoutcast, Multicast RTP format to configurable destinations. Used in high quality broadcast applications, surveillance and VoIP markets alike, the Instreamer has proven its simplicity where Audio over IP encoding is required.

The Exstreamer 1xx family of products decode IP Audio streams and play out the recieved Audio signal to amplifiers or speakers. Supporting a large number of protocols, encoding methods and application specific firmware, the products can be used for Broadcast, Internet Radio, as well as VoIP applications. Control and local storage interfaces are device specific to match different use cases.
BluePack allows live man-on-the-street interviews through a cell phone equipped with Bluetooth Wireless Technology. This sleek belt pack provides a professional look and feel to field reporters and remote talent.

BluePack now features HD Voice technology, allowing 7 kHz Wide Band Speech when used with compatible phones on compatible networks.
JK Audio introduces RemoteMix 3.5™, a three-channel field mixer and headphone amplifier. More than just a field mixer, this is a universal communications interface. RemoteMix 3.5™ features a phone line hybrid and keypad, a PBX handset interface, and both wired and wireless cell phone interfaces. These parts were designed to work together, saving setup time in the field.
RemoteMix 4 is a four channel field mixer and headphone amplifier. More than just a field mixer, this is a communications interface. RemoteMix 4 features a phone line hybrid and keypad, a PBX handset interface, and a cell phone interface. All this in a tough, portable unit that’s smaller than a lunch box. All-in-one is an understatement. These parts were designed to work together and save setup time in the field. No need to send an engineer with patch cables.
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