Worldwide Broadcast Equipment
Model 525
AM Modulation Monitor
& Reference Receiver
The Model 525 is our second-generation AM Mod-Monitor. The 525 is menu-driven with a peak-hold LCD display showing simultaneous positive and negative modulation, incoming RF level and asynchronous noise. Measurement bandwidth extends to more than 10kHz, but a programmable low-pass audio filter can simulate the response of consumer radios or the effects of transmission bandwidth constraints. The 525 is supplied with an outdoor large aperture loop antenna.
Model 531
FM Modulation Monitor
Incorporating all the necessary features for station setup and regulatory compliance at an affordable price, Inovonics' 531 is the undisputed professional’s choice in FM Monitoring. Dependable, direct input and off-air reception lets you keep a sharp eye on your total RF signal performance and essential multiplex measurements.

 The high-resolution LED bargraph displays are easy to read, and a "floating dot" program peak marker eliminates any ambiguity in the total-mod measurement. Off-air readings are qualified by Inovonics' exclusive multipath indicator, which also aids in antenna alignment during initial station build-outs. In addition, readouts of signal strength and synchronous AM noise qualify the incoming signal and validate measurements.

 Multiple alarm tallies enable remote indications of various transmission and reception faults, and full display of subcarrier injection levels ensure proper setup when broadcasting RDS (Radio Data System) messaging and other subcarriers.
Model 610
Internet Radio Monitor
The Inovonics 610 is a dedicated hardware solution for uninterrupted monitoring of streaming online radio quality and performance. Much more than a consumer-grade ‘Internet Radio,’ the 610 provides professional balanced analog and AES-digital outputs, self-logging alarms that constantly check for audio loss, stream loss and Internet loss, and an easy-to-use tuner that decodes audio and displays live metadata for MP3, Ogg Vorbis and AAC formats.

 Rear-panel alarm tallies provide local alarm options, and online notifications alert personnel with e-mail or text messages when any or all of the alarms occur. The front panel displays left and right audio metering, local LED alarms and an OLED screen with jog wheel for advanced control and editing of all tuning and monitoring parameters.

The 610's Web interface allows complete setup and control of the unit from your PC, tablet or smartphone, and reliable 2-way connectivity is ensured with a built-in Dynamic DNS utility. The 610's constantly monitors it's own connection and will stay locked to your selected stream no matter what.

 Free yourself from uncertainty when it comes to Internet Radio and get an Inovonics 610 Internet Radio Monitor today.
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